Help for Ukraine

Our Polish ATC colleagues are helping their direct neighbours and friends from Ukraine by collecting donations. These donations can be sent to their foundation “Bezpieczne Niebo” (“Safe Sky”), which was originally founded to help ATC members from Poland and is now supporting Ukrainian ATC friends and their families.
If you want to help these people, and support their action, please make a transfer to the foundation account:
IBAN: PL15 1140 2004 0000 3002 8181 8752
entitled “Ukraine”

For the time being, Polish resources for helping are enough, but as the situation is developing quickly, things can change from day to day. If it turns out, our donations are not necessary anymore, the rest will be donated by the foundation to a bigger official institution (e.g. UNICEF).
However, keep in mind, that also other forms of support might be needed, soon. This could also mean providing transportation from airports to (final) destination or simply providing food and shelter.
Thank you for your commitment.
We should stick together in these hard times.